Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fixed the charging port on my Laptop

So I noticed the charger on my laptop was loose and not charging anymore.  I started looking at and saw it was smashed and broken.  I googled a solution and found some YouTube videos to replace the part.  I was shocked by how complex the repair was. While I was looking at it my 6 year old wandered by and said oh yeah I dropped it while plugged in.  Don't worry she is still alive... For now.  So I ordered the part I needed off amazon and got it in a few days.  Taking the computer apart wasn't hard with video help.  After getting it apart I cut the metal tabs of the old part off and removed it.  Next I removed all the old solder from the holes in the circuit board.  This part took about a half hour and was very difficult.  That's what the braided copper was for.  After doing 1 hole I would sand the tip of my solder gun otherwise it wouldn't work as well for the next hole. Eventually the new part would fit in the holes and I could resolder it.  The only issue I had was 2 extra screws.  So I took it back apart and found homes for them.  Put it back together and plugged it in and it worked great! Cost $45 which was $5 for the charging port, $24 for a good soldering iron, $8 for solder and, $6 for the copper wire.  Geek squad wanted $135.  It was actually kind of a fun experience.

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